Carrie(d) Away

It's a play on words. Get it?

18 Apr

Break it down

I always thought I was too old to be homesick. Heck, I’m 22, living on my own, finishing up a college degree for goodness sake. 

Nope. I had hoped to buy a plane ticket to my parents’ house in California for Memorial Day weekend, and possibly surprise my mom in the process. I was getting hyped up for it, even talking to my dad about how I could go about the surprise. 

I should have looked at the ticket prices first. Tickets would have cost me close to $450 for me to be home for three days. Yeah…. I can’t afford that. Cue the tears.

I haven’t seen my family in months. And, if I don’t see them in May or June, then I have to wait until August, when I’m done with summer classes, or after I can get a week off of work. This would make it something like ten months without seeing my family. The realization made me cry like a little girl. Guess I’m not as grown-up as I thought. But hey, that’s okay. I’m pretty sure every 22-year-old has had an “I need mommy” moment, right? Or maybe that’s just me. 

Here’s hoping that I magically find money to afford a flight…… or I can convince my boss to let me take a week off in June.