Carrie(d) Away

It's a play on words. Get it?

14 Apr

You Know You’re a Radio DJ When….

- You hear the last four seconds of a song and can give the artist and song title

- Your biggest frustration is when you get the giggles and have to re-record something

- You get phone calls in the studio asking which song was just played

- You can show up to work in sweatpants and a tshirt, and no one knows

- You find yourself talking to yourself, not just when a microphone is in front of you

- You can tell your friends the high and lows for the current and overnight weathers for the rest of the week

- You work with people who are as crazy as you are

- You talk with your hands when trying to explain something

- You see that you’re live in 20 seconds, so you have time to get a drink, check your email, send a text, and browse Pinterest

- You have three or four numbers on speed dial in case Wide Orbit crashes

- You hear DJs on other stations and listen to their technique, not what they’re saying