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07 May


My students are graduating from 8th grade in just a few weeks. Sniff sniff. Is this what it feels like to be a parent? I taught them how to write essays, the difference between independent and dependent clauses, how to study their Bible, and different songs. I taught them there were consequences when you disobeyed, and consequences when you treat others wrongly. I taught them how to play games and laugh, while being productive and learning. I laughed so hard til I cried, I cried out of frustration, and I cried out of love. I gave a year of my life to 23 precious children, and my have they grown! My fifth graders are moving on to high school, and I’m sitting here feeling weepy and so very proud of how far they’ve come. Cheers, to the class of 2012. Love you guys and miss you so dearly! I long to come visit you some day soon. 

Miss Carrie

25 Apr I’m a lucky gal. 

I’m a lucky gal. 

25 Apr

Generating Online Conversations

Just a few years ago, if you passed someone on the street and asked them for the definition of “hashtag” or “tweet,” you’d witness a variety of confused faces. In the rise of social media, knowledge of social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and countless others have become something that employers look for. Businesses are now widening their focus to creating and maintaining Facebook pages, making product-specific Pinterest boards and pages, and sending quick Twitter updates under 140 characters or less. A strong social media presence creates a direct link between a company and their clientele. How does one keep up with the ever-so-changing social media market? It starts with being informed. One of the most important tasks for a business is to create and maintain an online relationship with their community. This means that posting, blogging, tweeting, and pinning on a regular basis is vital. Posts that are intriguing to a reader often receive quick, and sometimes instantaneous, feedback. This creates a give-and-take conversation, which is the most integral piece to the social media puzzle. Ensuring that this back-and-forth conversation happens? Well, that’s the tricky part. Here are five tips to help you (and I) grasp the idea of how to do just that. 

1. Generate a lot of content. This doesn’t mean posting every ten seconds on twitter about what you ate for breakfast, or posting pictures of you and your neighbor’s dog. This just means that you are working on creating an online presence, by simply being accessible to your followers and users. I’d say that it would be appropriate to post something a few times a day— just not all at once, or in a row. Generating a decent amount of content on a daily basis attracts users to see what you are up to. 

2. Post a variety of content. Let’s say you are a retail business looking to get more followers on Facebook. Do they ONLY want to see photos of your product? I’d be willing to say that they might want to see photos, videos, or promotions as well. I think it is important to integrate all sorts of media content, creating more of an appeal to a variety of people. As a visual person, I am drawn to the photos or the videos. But maybe not everyone works that way. Be aware of what you’re posting, and be sure that there is something that appeals to everyone’s individual tastes. 

3. Listen. I like the way that Charlene Kingston at explains this. “Spend some time each day reading what other people are sharing on social media. Jump into existing conversations, or reply to something posted. It’s important that you add something to the conversation, and don’t simply agree or like what they said.” It is vital to listen to what people are saying, and especially important to comment and make them feel like the time they took to post was worthwhile. 

4. Ask questions. It seems that people who are asked a specific question are more likely to answer or post a response. Often, a good formula to remember is to write an interesting and interactive statement, and then follow it up with a question. People are more likely to respond when being flat-out asked. For example, Target’s most recent Facebook post follows this exactly. “Princess Week Name Generator: Use your Grandma’s first name, your pet’s name, and the street you grew up on. What’s your princess name?” They have 4,242 comments, and it was posted yesterday. 

5. Encourage fan-to-fan responses. I like’s approach. “Your Facebook business community will get much better if you have fans talking to each other, and the best way to do this is by putting the spotlight on those very fans. One way you can do this is by creating a “Fan of the Week” post to recognize top contributors to the community. But if you have a Facebook fan base like Bare Escentuals you can take a hands-off marketing approach, and still get fans to talk to each other.” 

There are so many different tactics that one could take to ensure quick and consistent response, but the best advice I have? Just be present, interactive, and people will respond to that. 

24 Apr Typography


24 Apr
24 Apr
My only hobby in life is dogs. I don’t care about people or any of the many things in this universe such as hairspray or granola bars or cupboards. I only care about dogs. Sometimes when I get to a party and I see that someone has brought their dog along, I’ll pretend that I’m a carefree individual who barely notices the dog, but on the inside I’m totally freaking out because there is a dog in the same room as me and I’m not playing with his floppy ears. Eventually, after a few drinks, I finally get up the courage to abandon my disguise as a normal human being and cease all human interaction to spend my entire night playing with the dog.

Everything from this article is me. 

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24 Apr

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18 Apr

Break it down

I always thought I was too old to be homesick. Heck, I’m 22, living on my own, finishing up a college degree for goodness sake. 

Nope. I had hoped to buy a plane ticket to my parents’ house in California for Memorial Day weekend, and possibly surprise my mom in the process. I was getting hyped up for it, even talking to my dad about how I could go about the surprise. 

I should have looked at the ticket prices first. Tickets would have cost me close to $450 for me to be home for three days. Yeah…. I can’t afford that. Cue the tears.

I haven’t seen my family in months. And, if I don’t see them in May or June, then I have to wait until August, when I’m done with summer classes, or after I can get a week off of work. This would make it something like ten months without seeing my family. The realization made me cry like a little girl. Guess I’m not as grown-up as I thought. But hey, that’s okay. I’m pretty sure every 22-year-old has had an “I need mommy” moment, right? Or maybe that’s just me. 

Here’s hoping that I magically find money to afford a flight…… or I can convince my boss to let me take a week off in June. 

14 Apr

You Know You’re a Radio DJ When….

- You hear the last four seconds of a song and can give the artist and song title

- Your biggest frustration is when you get the giggles and have to re-record something

- You get phone calls in the studio asking which song was just played

- You can show up to work in sweatpants and a tshirt, and no one knows

- You find yourself talking to yourself, not just when a microphone is in front of you

- You can tell your friends the high and lows for the current and overnight weathers for the rest of the week

- You work with people who are as crazy as you are

- You talk with your hands when trying to explain something

- You see that you’re live in 20 seconds, so you have time to get a drink, check your email, send a text, and browse Pinterest

- You have three or four numbers on speed dial in case Wide Orbit crashes

- You hear DJs on other stations and listen to their technique, not what they’re saying

14 Apr Hoo, me?

Hoo, me?

30 Mar

Week In Review

Napped. School. Ate. Slept. Watched stuff. Napped. School. 


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26 Mar Be happy.

Be happy.

28 Feb You are here. 

You are here. 

02 Feb
We shouldn’t ask for a faith that passes all understanding and then act surprised when we don’t understand it all

Bob Goff

29 Jan Monty Python

Monty Python